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Home grown guides share local tales.

For a decade, CityTrex has sold iTours,
downloadable multimedia guides,
for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Our upcoming 2.0 relaunch offers
more digital media channels and
even more authentic Southern Lowcountry voices.

Our notion is to use free content (blog posts, podcasts)
to drive ecommerce to benefit the local guides
that share their love for our island home.
  We hope you feel the “sense of place” that barely exists anymore.



For years (even pre-iPhone),
our multimedia guides
have made iTour fans of millions of visitors to
Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA,
and beautiful Beaufort, SC.

CityTrex streaming media iTours
are the perfect self-paced guide.

Many of our users aren’t even in the USA!
Our fans love to hear local tales, well-told by
Southerners, in their Southern accent.
Find out about our Colonial history.  Dip into Southern culture.
  Get with the South’s best storytellers.

Perhaps you’ll start to get it about us.

Visits to our Sea Island Lowcountry per year

Tourist dollars per year

iTour users

New iTours for 2017

Get set as we launch our 2.0 platform.


Get access to goodies such as:
insider tours, home cooking,
access to conversations with our
Sea Island Lowcountry
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We’re an award-winning leader in the travel & tourism industry.

Since 2007, CityTrex has served as an ecommerce media platform

for local authors, artists, and guides.

Timeless local stories.

Current local guides.

These are the things we share with our own visiting friends and family.

New products & updates are coming online for South Carolina and Georgia, USA:

  • iTourCharleston (Tales of the Holy City, told in their unique local voices)
  • iTourSavannah (Let us be your handheld tour guide, we’ll take the “Best Walk in America” in the Hostess City)
  • iTourBeaufort (Fort Fremont, Hunting Island, Penn Center)
  • iTourParrisIsland (United States Marine Corps boot camp, as told by Drill Instructors and Marine Wives)
  • iTourPortRoyal (Santa Elena, Emancipation of the enslaved, Reconstruction after the War Between the States)
  • the bona fide voice of Radio Free Daufuskie (Roger Pinckney)
  • ghost stories, short stories, and more…

New Releases Coming Online








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Topics and ideas we’re working on include:
Snowball the white dolphin, voices of Marines,
shrimping, mule wagons, and of course: food!

Ring me on 843-321-9848 to share an idea or to just say hey,
or use this contact form.

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We use free content to help sell our iTours. This way we showcase our production values and we promote things we love.
Here’s a favorite podcast for you to sample:

A remote Sea Island Lowcountry childhood is the source of rich storytelling skills and the material to draw from.
In this CityTrex podcast episode, we meet Doctor Jonas Gadson.
It’s fitting that this podcast was published just before Mother’s Day, because, as you’ll hear, “Everything I am today I owe it to God and I owe it to my marvelous Mother.”

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Get access to goodies such as: insider tours,
home cooking, access to conversations
with our Sea Island Lowcountry
authors, artists, and guides.

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Here’s an intro to the CityTrex concept, produced a quite while back for a pitch to investors.

It’s fun, it’s informative, plus it’s a collectors item because we had to use the voice of a founder of CityTrex — a true rarity. We got a cool bit o’cash ($ cha-ching!) from that pitch, so technically, this is quite valuable!

The speaker here is not a go-to voice talent, but he is an authentic Lowcountry original.

Coming Soon:
a full gallery of authors, artists, and guides,
streaming their tours, taking you to cultural diversions and side trips
that share our sense of place. 

Best enjoyed on the Sea Islands, or Push Play and we’ll take you there.

Educational. Informative.

Repeatable stories that are a real piece of work!

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Burton Sauls and Bonton Studio, and respective local creative talent. 

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