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Drink Small, South Carolina’s iconic 76-year-old blues legend will perform
Friday June 5th 4PM to 7PM at Mad River Bar and Grille.
Two weeks ago, Drink Small the Blues Doctor, made a huge splash opening the Piccolo Spoleto Early Bird Blues Series.
Drink (his real name) captivated a happy hour crowd of 150 with his razorwire guitar and deep bass vocals. Songs both kindhearted and edgy, Drink Small is South Carolina’s greatest living blues artist with wild tales and wicked skills. He has been recording since the mid-1950s.

Click and listen to 4 minutes of Drink-ism by South Carolina’s greatest living blues artist.

about 4 minutes
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The venue is an old church, which was a pleasant bolt from the blue for many folks at his show in May. It stands with other venues where Drink has brought the house down – the Chicago Blues Festival, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, King Biscuit, Mississippi Valley…the list goes on.

drinnk small the blues doctor .jpg

This show is must for any fan or student of music, southern culture, and anyone seeking to experience a real-deal artist. See you there – get there early, everyone else will. Bona fide blues performances this good usually occur in a dangerous venue – but with this Piccolo Spoleto Early Bird Blues Series you can introduce the family to a blues icon and still get home before the streetlights come on.

click for venue info: Mad River Bar & Grille 32 N. Market Street, Downtown Charleston

6/5 4PM – 7PM
Food and drink available for purchase.

More Drink Small info from his
DrinkSmallBlues.com /bio

Thanks and kudos to Shrimp City Slim (aka Gary Erwin), a keyboard player, singer, songwriter based in Charleston, SC, for his efforts in making this show happen.

Have a Drink sample from CD Baby.

Photo courtesy of drinksmallblues.com/bio

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