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“Old is never Out”

in the land where

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

William Faulkner knew a thing or two about The South.


Most of us will be happy to have the past past us.

Much of it has been a tough row to hoe.

CityTrex has proved our value. Our original downloads of tours increased, even in a down economy – because fans of walking tours of Charleston SC and Savannah GA were attracted to the value of an iPod MP3 tour, or a smart phone app as a comfortable way to enjoy our historic Lowcountry, which is considered to be THE South.


We’re succeeding in our mission to bring “new media technology to traditional industries.”

Our production and services side of the house has gained new clients for several slow and steady years.

We need to do some fancy branding on that. Good! We have growing pains! Glad to have them!


In With the New.
We have plans in mind…and this involves you.

If you’re super-into it, we might give you a job, we’re growing and need all the down-home high-tech storytelling and production help we can get.

It’s a fine art and CityTrex is very good at it. Just ask our customers and clients, they love – love – love us.

Questions, comments, or whatnot, please Contact Us.


2 + 9 =

. . . and thank you all for playing along.

We get by with a little help from our friends. 

Our market survey results have given us praise, support, and encouraging cheers.

Amazing, isn’t it? 

Pray for Peace. Wish upon a star.

Now get back to work and make it happen.


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