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Hunting Island, South Carolina still shows that nature can operate very well without us.

We’re the ones needing electricity, gasoline, telephones, or a calendar beyond the sun and seasons.

Accessible unpaved places are more precious than ever.
In the winter, this State Park is about horses on the beach and solo beach combing.
The Summertime brings sandcastles and campers that know the sensation of a sunrise saltwater bath.

Click on the player below to hear from two top turtle volunteers,
Turtle veteran, Denise, and Turtle Vet, Doctor Chris:


Play using the SoundCloud player (above) or for the FLASH impaired,
Click and hear from two top turtle volunteers:
Turtle veteran, Denise, and Turtle Vet, Doctor Chris.

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It’s a perfect setting for an ancient reptile to swim home from a life at sea, just as her ancestors have done for millions of years.
In springtime, loggerhead turtle mothers do what their kind has done for centuries – return to the place of their birth to lay eggs. It’s going on with or without us, so it’s a healthy reminder of our place in the scheme of things.
They don’t need us, except to stay out of their way; to be a good neighbor and let them do their thing, which, as humans, we’re not very good at. We like to pave things and have lights at night and poke around and say, “Hey, Y’all, look at this!”.


Coastal locals and our visitors love the Sea Island Lowcountry and feel a claim to the natural resources – shown by good stewardship of what we’re blessed with.

The Friends of Hunting Island (FOHI) started a Sea Turtle Conservation Project in 1981.
Since then, it’s been globally recognized for its successful service.
In 2013 volunteers located and protected 125 loggerhead nests; so about 7,700 turtle eggs successfully hatched and hustled out to sea.


If this interests you then join in! If you’re local to beautiful Beaufort, SC, you can actually see a turtle boil – where hatchlings erupt from the sandy nests and scramble into the surf.
Turtle season starts each May, click here for volunteer info.

If you’re not local – and our web stats indicate that thousands of the readers are “from away” – then join Friends of Hunting Island, or adopt a nest, or get on the newsletter.

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Hunting Island State Park is one of the worlds top beaches.
It’s a barrier island along the coastal sea island Lowcountry of beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina.
Get your bearings: we’re located north of Savannah and its popular Tybee Island, Georgia; north of South Carolina’s of Daufuskie, Hilton Head, and Fripp.
Also, south of what we think of as Charleston, SC: Edisto Island, Kiawah Island, Folly Beach, Sullivans Island, and the Isle of Palms.