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A remote Sea Island Lowcountry childhood is the source of rich storytelling skills and the material to draw from.
In this CityTrex podcast episode, the Friends of Hunting Island take us to meet Doctor Jonas Gadson, currently a Minister with the Beaufort Church of Christ.

He’s a local who went to the mainland to have a career with Xerox and with Eastman Kodak, then returned home to found a church and serve his native community.
It’s fitting that this podcast is published prior to Mother’s Day 2014, because, as you’ll hear, “Everything I am today I owe it to God and I owe it to my marvelous Mother.”
Enjoy this episode where CityTrex takes us to hear an accomplished man recall his Gullah island childhood, a world that barely exists anymore.
He lived the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
The land is the Sea Island Lowcountry, and the island is St. Helena Island (the home of the Gullah culture), a barrier Island off the coast of South Carolina,
Doctor Gadson is a gentleman that has lived the advice of his marvelous Mother, who told him that “Manners will take you where money won’t”.
Another podcast of “Local Voices Telling Real Stories” brought to you by CityTrex.com and sponsored by the Friends of Hunting Island.
Want to hear one more of Dr. Gadson?
I do! So we produced this to help promote a church revival he was leading last summer:

What can we say… we love authentic voices!
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